35 Marketing Strategies proven to generate more sales in 2019

35 Marketing Strategies to Increase your sales in 2019.

35 Marketing StrategiesHello and Welcome!!!

in this Blog post, you’re going to learn 35 marketing strategies  to help your business grow and generate more sales. there’s never been a better time in the history of the world to be an entrepreneur and small business owner. the digital world has even the playing field that allows a local company to compete with big businesses around the globe today.

 you can look better, perform better, provide greater value, grow a better reputation, have faster processes and more: but no matter what kind of business you have, you’re also in the sales and marketing business. so here are 35 proven marketing strategies that will help you be seen, get heard, provide value, share stories, grow your business and generate more sales.

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Let’s now begin with our list of Marketing Strategies

1. Invest in your customer experience:

Marketing -customer experienceTake five to ten percent of your profits or some amount and reinvest them in your business in the form of improving your customer’s experience, better products or ingredients, a brighter or cleaner store, shop or office, maybe faster services and smoother processes, etc.

Ask Questions like:

  • How can you exceed your customers’ expectations?
  • How can you wow your customers?

Ask your employees for ideas on how to improve the products, services, and processes, of course, you can ask your customers for ideas on how you can improve:

Send out an email or text asking for their feedback, post a survey page on your website. Figure out how to make a difference and stand out today.

2.  Adapt and Survive.

Marketing: Adapt and surviveit’s not the strongest or the smartest that survive, it’s those that adapt, right?

we live in a digital world now which is consistently evolving, and the very ability of your company to survive into the future may depend on your understanding that one simple fact, it’s very different today.

 3. Focus

marketing -focus we always waste too much time in business trying to be all things to all people. zero in on your products and services and/or the customers you like working with the most and laser focus on marketing to just those people.

Ideally, they’d have the best margins and you and your staff would be the most skilled with them.

 zero in on who that is, what that is, and how to get there.

4. Online Business Directories.

Digital marketing -Online Business Directorieswe’re in an online digital world, you need to go out and create, claim, optimize and manage your business listings in the 50 or so major business directories like Google my business,  Yelp,  Bing,  Yahoo etc,  and be sure to get listed in the four big data aggregator directories like:  factual,  Localeze, Acxiom and Infogroup.

most of these directories are free, a few are paid: there are several dozen important national, regional, local and industry-specific business directories that your business needs to be in and they vary by your industry and location.

These directories help get your name, address, phone number, also known as N.A.P: you’ll hear this term pronounced or used a lot in the SEO world. so, get your name, address, and phone number listed.

It needs to be the same in all these directories: because an incorrect, inconsistent or incomplete information in these directories will hurt your business

Each directory is a powerful tool driving traffic, clicks,  calls to your website and business; and all or most of them will allow a link from their directory to your website or you could point it to your Google my business listing which helps provide very strong ranking signals for your business and website

5. Have a Responsive Website.

Business Marketing -Have a Responsive WebsiteHave a responsive website that fits any size of screen and looks great on mobile, tablets, notebooks, laptops, desktops etc.

Your website is the central hub of all your marketing today, both offline and online.  so, the days of having your assistant or your brother-in-law design and create a website for your business is long over.

 in a smartphone world, do not let anybody who isn’t a specialist in web development create your website, a lot is required in the development process of your website so, its important you find someone skilled in the best practices of web development to undertake your web project.

so again it needs to look good on every device and consistently provide great content in a variety of media forms and constantly be tested, analyzed and improved to convert visitors into leads for your business and keep them coming back for more.

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6. Start a Blog.

content marketing -Start a Blog. so, a great way to start being an influence to your target audience is to start a blog or step up the game of your existing blog if you have one already: to deliver that content, keep it regularly, let’s say weekly, consistently keep providing value.

7.  Content Content Content.

content marketing we are in a content-driven world now so, provide content solutions to common problems and pain points of your prospects and customers, engage them with quality content they want to consume, content that helps them get to know, like and trust your brand and keep coming back and doing business with you.

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8. Use Video.

video marketing -use videosits what consumers want, video is already over 70% of all media consumed online and that’s just growing every year. you can Transcribe a video into text for blog posts, you can strip out the audio for a podcast, you can even use the video itself on your blog,  your blog networks, social media channels,  marketing videos can produce very low-cost advertising on Facebook and other social media channels and you can produce low-cost videos that provide great helpful informational content that will help your business grow because it’s what consumers want.

9. Show people who you are.

while you’re delivering your products and services to your target audience, you can show them who you are, it adds a more personal touch, it allows you, your staff and your business to be authentic and unique. it lets consumers see inside your business and the people behind the company which is what consumers want today. it lets you tell your story and describe your purpose.

10. Start a Youtube Channel.

video marketing -Start a YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is a powerful content marketing strategy that increases your brand visibility online and reach.

YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world and growing, post your videos there and embed them onto your website and blog posts.

syndicate them throughout your social media and blog networks,  make a video for each of the top ten questions you get from your prospects and customers. use keyword research for your products and services to uncover other content ideas your customers are looking for.

 11. Social Media.

social media marketing open branded channels on all the major social media channels, get your company name to have a page on all the major social media channels.

syndicate your content through all those channels,  take your blog and your video content and syndicate it through your social media channels, post it on all of them.

share customer reviews from third-party sites like Google and Yelp etc onto your social media channels, encourage reviews on those platforms themselves and share video testimonials from your customers on those platforms: share video and photos of yourself and your staff, encourage your customers to upload photos to these platforms.

 You can post inspirational quotes that fit your brand and your mission, and you can use a software to help you do all this, there are social media management softwares out there like HootSuite and others to plan and manage your content syndication for you.

12.  Press Releases.

marketing - press releaseUse press releases: they’re a powerful tool for announcing content, events, news and just great for getting noticed, growing traffic and getting valuable backlinks from very high authority news agencies to your website so, every time you create new content especially cornerstone content, a great post or great video or of course if you’re having any kind of event or news, you need to get that out there in a press release and attract links, traffic and people to your site and your business.

13.  Reputation Management.

marketing for business - Reputation ManagementAbsolutely crucial to every local business more than ever before, most consumers today search for online reviews, testimonials, case studies on your business before deciding to do business with you, and every local business needs to ask for reviews.

Tons of surveys out there show over 70% of consumers would indeed leave a review if they were just asked but business owners often feel shy about asking and so they really don’t;  and it hurts you as a business owner so, put up signs that you’re on Google and Yelp and whatever other platforms are important to your niche and your business.

send out emails asking for feedback and reviews. now caution and a warning here: yelps Terms of Service strictly forbids you from asking  customers for reviews on their platform so, avoid that at all costs, do not ask anybody to leave a review on Yelp, Google, however, says yes they encourage it, you should ask: so get out there and ask your customers to post reviews and photos on Google or maybe there’s another platform that’s important to your industry.

It’s also important to make it easy for customers to review and read reviews right on your website, so when you allow reviews to be written and displayed on your website you get to use schema markup and structured data code: we’re getting a little technical here; Those  reviews stars would show up in your listing on Google and Bing search results pages.

so, you know how you search for something you look down the page and maybe there’s one or two of those listings that have review stars in there and they catch your eye and the statistics are overwhelming that the click-through rate they get, a better click-through rate than any other listing even if they’re like the third listing and not number one it still just empowers it because it catches the eyeball.

14. Email List.

email marketingStart an email list if you haven’t already and if you have it, you need to be actively growing it so, staying connected to your existing customers is one of the most important factors for your long-term business success.

Harvard Business Review on and on and on say; it’s much less expensive to market your existing customers than to attract new ones.

And a mailing list is a business asset, it’s a physical thing so if your business burned down today, Let’s say you had a brick and mortar business and it burned down tonight and you had to move, you still have your list; it’s an invaluable asset that you can market to your existing customers: you can say hey we’re now over here right!!!  so, you should be growing your email list and marketing it regularly.

Studies show email provides the highest return on investment than any other marketing method. hundreds to thousands of percent ROI, it’s incredible because they’re your existing customers, they’ve already come to know, like and trust you.  that’s the hardest part of any customer acquisition so, now you need to stay connected.

statistics also show that people fade away from businesses not because they voluntarily want to, they enjoyed the experience of doing business with you but they just stopped doing because with you because they didn’t hear from you anymore and life got in the way so, you have to stay front top of mind in your customers minds, that’s why you see ads of the big brands all over the place, they’re always top of mind, they know how easy it is for you to just  go to a competitor.

 But you don’t just send sales emails.  its a different world we are in today right, use  Gary Vaynerchuk approach of Jab Jab Jab right hook,  translated to provide value value value that’s what the jabs are: here’s some value, here’s some more value, here’s some more value all at no cost for free and then you follow up with letting them know you’re selling something softly and then back to value value value and then hey by the way we sell something.  so, if you’re constantly providing good value then the business will just come to you naturally but if conversely, you are constantly selling you’ll hear crickets.

15. SMS Text List.

sms content marketing Email and text messaging are growing rapidly and being so accepted by all age groups today as the grandkids train the grandparents in text messaging, literally every age group prefers text messaging. you’re on your way to growing sales and value for your business and staying connected to your customers by growing your SMS text list database.

16. Lead Magnets.

marketing : building lead magnetslead magnets are free small incentives to grow your mailing lists right so, they’re usually digital downloadable content provided in exchange for your visitors email address like PDF free guides, e-books, maybe a checklist, access to another page with a video on it, another page with Webinars on it, maybe for a white paper etc.

These need to be of good or great quality because even though you’re giving away for free it’s going to represent the quality of your brand, it’ll help your prospects and customers understand the quality of your brand so, not cheap stuff, we’re talking good quality and they tell the user if this is what you give away for free imagine what you do for them when they pay you.

17. Loyalty Program.

Marketing for businesses - Loyalty ProgramA loyalty program infinite studies reveal this is an excellent way to stay connected to your existing customers and encourage them to keep coming back and spending more and developing a solid bond to your brand.

Just about every major brand you can think of has a loyalty program,  there is a reason for that; they work and ideally you’re tucking a loyalty program in with your email and text message marketing and you can even include a referral program in your loyalty program to reward existing customers for recommending you to their family friends and associates.

It’s an extremely powerful tool to grow you stay connected to your customers, and grow from within otherwise, you are always trying to attract new customers and that is a spiral towards death.

so stay connected to your existing customers and grow your business from within, a fun way to do that is to organize contests.

18.  Contests.

marketing through contestOrganizing contest is such a great tool for growing your mailing lists also getting likes and shares on social media and driving traffic to your website.

it’s fun and engaging, you know it’s just not business as usual; there are a lot of online contest management software systems you can use to organize and manage all your contest.

19. Marketing Funnels.

Marketing Funnels for businessesThere are really endless ways to set up your marketing funnels but, I’ll share a couple of common ones with you so, each main topic page of your websites which is most likely your main product and service page should  offer something valuable in exchange for their contact details,  some kind of free guide or something which has a high perceived value by your prospect, after they input their data ie ( name, email, phone number or any important information you require) you have an autoresponder which would display them  a thank-you page which might just thank them for opting in and that’s it or it might present them with another  one-time only offer and then have another thank-you page after that.

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After your lead magnet collects your prospect information, it should then trigger a customized topical email drip campaign, so scheduled out emails that you’ve already pre-written that continues to deliver free value over time to those who downloaded that free guide and its related topics, and gets people to know, like and trust your company and eventually decide to do business with you.

Another example would be like a product sales page; so you have an e-commerce shop, your product sales page might take them to a pre-checkout page so they put the product in their shopping cart and they hit checkout but instead they go to a pre-checkout page that presents another special one-time only offer that’s related to what they just put in their shopping cart but it’s only available now before they do their final checkout and then you can place special code on these web pages and instruct Google and Facebook ads that if a visitor made it to this page but not the next page then show them this particular ad etc.

This is called retargeting and is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and at the very least you should have lead magnets collecting e-mails and sending out drip email campaigns.

20. Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber of CommerceAt this point, we need to get back in the offline real world for some live people actions so, join your local Chamber of Commerce and network with local business owners and while you’re there you need to get your elevator pitch ready.

21. Elevator Pitch.

Marketing for entrepreneurs -Elevator Pitch Get your 10-20 second elevator pitches down and have these memorized completely so it’s a naturally flowing sentence or two once you’re speaking about what you do, there’s the Chamber of Commerce and all kinds of other local meet-ups you can attend to network with industry experts and prospects.

22. Co-operative Marketing.

Co-operative Marketing At these group meetings, you can find other businesses and business owners in these networks that you could team up with and cross-promote with each other, you put flyers in each other’s businesses, can do cooperative advertising; so, work out cooperative or cross-selling with businesses that are related in some way to yours locally.

23. Sell to Many.

Business Marketing To sell to many instead of one is to put together a couple of presentations that would help your ideal prospects. remember that you’re being seen as a teacher, not as a salesperson so don’t sell, give away value good useful information and the business will come.

24. Tell Stories of Change

Tell Stories of ChangeTell stories of how your products and services are changing lives, customer reviews, video testimonials, case studies showing how your customer’s lives have been changed by doing business with you, let your prospects see themselves in the shoes of your successful customers so they want to be like them.

25. Start a Podcast.

content marketing - start a podcast Podcasts are absolutely exploding in growth because they’re replacing books, radio and music for busy consumers on the move, as they commute, work out, etc audio can be exported out of your videos, your blog posts and you can start using your content for your podcasts if you’re shy on video; maybe you’d rather do a weekly podcast than a video blog post, that’s great.

26. Facebook + Google Ads

Facebook and Google Ads

Google ads or what’s called; intention-based advertising, that searcher is on Google intending to look for a service or product in their local area and they are ready to buy so, Google Ads can be very effective,  but they also can be very expensive because of that feature so, you should have a goal, just don’t throw up a bunch of money for ads.

You should have a strategy mapped out when creating a campaign you should have a dedicated landing page on your website that has no menu where they can execute whatever it is you want them to execute right there and then you can measure the return on investment that way.

Facebook ads are a lot cheaper but nobody’s going to Facebook looking for the services or products you deliver, they’re going there as a social platform and ads are now perceived intrusive and annoying by social media and web users. so, they are not as effective as they ought to.

Facebook Ads also lets you really zero in on the demographics of your customers by their location, sex, age, interest and more.

27. Direct Mail

direct mail marketingDirect Mail still works for many local businesses and today the post office and private online companies can provide really highly targeted audiences, and fully automated delivery so,  you combine that with a dedicated landing page on your website and a customized lead magnet, an email drip campaign, all as one campaign can add tremendous impact to your results.

28. Influencers

Influencer Marketing With influencer marketing, you can reach a broader audience that are potential customers for your business. you can find local influencers in your local meet-ups, and online who are influential leaders in your industry and Niche,  there are a lot of online tools out there to help you find the right influencers to work with.

once you find the influencers that match your goal, you can make them an offer of free products or services your deliver, most influencers these days will request monetary compensation to promote your company. product, services to their followers.

there are lots of ways to work with influencers and it’s a growing market segment today; its best practice to build a connection with this influencers ahead of time before you engage them in any campaign.

29. Local Charities:

Business - . Local CharitiesSupporting local charity is also an excellent way to give back to the community and let them know you care and look out for your neighbors, you can donate products, services, your time; your staff can volunteer  and organize an event that promotes a cause your organization upholds as a core value etc. ask your employees and customers for their ideas; focus in and use it as a great tool to help your community and simultaneously brand yourself,  let the community know you care.

30. Write Guest Post

content marketing - write guest postwriting guest posts show that you’re an authority on your subject and attract traffic from industry and local blogs by writing guest blog posts for websites that make sense for your business in your location.

it’s a great way to grow traffic, establish your brand and gain valuable local relevant links from their websites to yours which would help generate better local search rankings in Google, Bing and other search engines.

31. Use Infographics:

use infographicsinfographics are eye-catching and colorful if They’re done well, people love sharing them on their websites and blogs; they’re a great tool for generating traffic and gaining links from other websites to yours which empower your site.

A little tip is to create, let’s say 25 tips to do something related to your business that your customers would like and then go out and find 25 relevant and  local blogs, get  one tip from 25 different relevant local blogs use only blogs that look good and have a decent domain authority; get the Moz bar chrome extension, it’s a free tool you can download and install it, it’ll give you a domain Authority rating, look for domain Authority of 20 and above.

Scan their website for an email contact address and record the domain name on a spreadsheet of all 25 of them, once your infographic is completed, you could post it on your website then go back to these twenty-five websites and email them letting them know that you’ve used their tip in your infographic and you gave them credit for it and give them a link to the infographic and request that it should be embedded on their websites with a link back to your website: This would help increase your website ranking and traffic.

32. Repurpose Content:
content marketing - re-purposing content

when repurposing content you can take old existing content on your website, refresh it, bring it up to date, turn it into something different, make it a video or podcast or turn it into an infographic, etc. among our list of marketing strategies we will advise you to focus on a content creation and marketing strategy.

33. Use a CRM System:

Hubspot CRM SystemIt’s essential you make use of a Customer relation management (CRM) system, it serves as a central hub where you can store customers and prospect’s data, track every interaction with your business contacts, all this information can be easily shared within your organization with the shareholders, management, and teams.

it’s important you find the right CRM that works best for business: there are a couple of CRM’s out there: our organization has been using the Hubspot CRM, which has been a great resource for our company: and the good news is it is FREE. Learn more about the Hubspot CRM here. Get Started.

34. Be Different and Innovative:

be different and innovative It’s important you Stand out from the crowd. Distinguish your business and brand, be a unicorn in a herd of donkeys. The digital marketing cyberspace keeps evolving so, you need to be innovative to stay ahead of the competition out there. You need to keep learning new technological trends that have a huge influence on business operation and systems. position your business to be successful in the future now. Keep searching out effective marketing strategies to keep your business soaring.

#35. Analytics:

AnalyticsTrack, test, measure, and adjust your marketing campaigns, use Google search console and Google Analytics to see where your traffic is coming from, pages they are navigating, how long they’re staying there, if they’re taking the actions you’d like them to take, ascertain which offers and designs are working best: its  so very important to measure.

 Those are solid marketing strategies for your business we hope they gave you some ideas that you can implement and use to grow your business. Contact us 

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