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Marketing for Coaches: High Ticket Clients

Marketing for Coaches, Freelancers, and Consultants
Karen Gurney
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Sign 5 New High-Ticket Clients
Create a Marketing Campaign You Can Turn On and Off As Needed
Automate Your Marketing for a Fix It and Forget It System
Generate Clients from Cold-Leads
Implement Quickly with Facebook Ad and Webinar Templates
Identify Your Facebook Audience For High-Performing Ads
Get The $5 Cheap Test Marketing Campaign
Improve Sales Close Percentage by 25%
Insider Advertising Budget and ROI Numbers
Bonus Udemy Tips for Coaches

The #1 Marketing Funnel for Coaches, Consultants, and Freelancers that want to close high-ticket clients.

This is a 

‘fix it and forget it’ automated marketing system that you can turn on and off. This will be exciting to coaches that are sick of giving away their information for free with blogs and lead magnets in the hopes of building a list that will eventually buy something.

This system gives coaches that have high ticket programs valued over $3,000, a machine to drive cold leads to them even while they sleep and leads to 5 new clients within a month of implementation.  It leverages Facebook which is one of the most powerful forms of advertising today.

The marketing spend and revenue of six and seven figure coaches is often a mystery leaving coaches spending hundreds of thousands of dollars. That ends today.

This advertising course offers an entire marketing funnel with cutting edge recommendations to save you time and money on advertising and solid income projection information you can use.

You will also get the secrets of a high-performing and a $5 test marketing technique that will get you on track to great sales overnight.

The course also includes templates for the ad, website landing page, and webinar so you can plug-and-play immediately.

This course is a step by step guide that tells you exactly how to make an ad, select your target market, run cheap test marketing, and create the rest of the automated marketing funnel that bring pre qualified cold leads straight to a consultation with you as fast as humanly possible.

While Facebook is a free social media platform, it has over 187 million users, and thousands of way to target market and select an audience, this reliable and automated paid advertising campaign will ensure you become a leader in your marketplace.

This course also helps you create programs that people want by identifying audiences for your information allowing you to tailor directly to what your hungry target market wants.

Facebook Marketing 6 Figure+ Coach Course Agenda

Facebook Marketing: Welcome
Facebook Marketing: Coach Marketing and Freelance Marketing Agenda
My Grand Agenda to Make and Save You Money
I wanted to create a 'plug and play' system to change coaches' lives. And I did.
Marketing Mysteries Uncovered

Most of us our subject matter experts not marketing gurus. This section gets us all on the same page about marketing terms and resources for coaches

Facebook Marketing: 10k+ in 30 day Funnel

Facebook Audience Selection

Free Facebook Audience Selection Tools Introduction
Free Facebook Audience: A Tribe of People Hungry for Your Program
Free Facebook: Audience Selection Interest Group Tool Tutorial 1

Facebook Audience Selection itself will help you find targeted interest groups.

Free Facebook Audience Selection Pages Feed Tutorial 2

The purpose of the Facebook Pages Feed is to find pages you might like based on other pages you like. These 'other pages' may also be interest groups you can target for your program.

Free Facebook Audience Selection Graph Search Tutorial 3

Facebook has this weird and potentially wonderful thing called Graph Search. Check it out.

Free Facebook Audience Selection Through Twitter? Yep! Tutorial 4

Twitter has a great search feature that can help you find more interest groups on Facebook.

Facebook Audience Selection Homework

Facebook Ad Creation Introduction

Facebook Advertising: Ad Creation
Facebook PowerEditor: Power Advertising

Facebook has its own Ads Manager but the limitations force us to need Chrome and PowerEditor. You have to do this so lets get over it and start there from the beginning with our ad creation.

Facebook Advertising: Setting up Your Facebook Ad Tutorial

We need an ad setup so we can cross-reference our interest groups. We need interest groups because they lead to high-performing ads and programs. So lets get the framework of an ad up and running with this tutorial.

Facebook Advertising: Ad Creation Homework

Lets get our framework up so we can continue with our interest group research.

Facebook Advertising: Ad Checklist and Resource Introduction

In the next sections we will be covering everything coming up in this list but I want you to have the resource now. we will see it again later.

Facebook Advertising: The $1 Image that Makes Millions

Facebook Marketing: Ad Image Introduction
Facebook Marketing: $1 Ad Images
Facebook Marketing: Ad Image Canva Tutorial

This market disrupting canva tool is a favorite of mine. I spent so much on images before and the graphic design industry is pricey, even with using fiverr! Now I get incredible images for $1 that I can manipulate on my own and you can too!!!!

Facebook Marketing: Ad Image Design Tutorial with Powerpoint?? YES!

Once you have an image now we need to do something with it. Stretch, crop, add text....you can do it all with Powerpoint! This is seriously the cheapest most effective graphic design on earth! If you know other tools--be my guest. But for the rest of us, this works.

Facebook Marketing: Ad Image Text Box Tutorial

Now we need to add shaded text boxes. It is easy!!

Facebook Marketing: Ad Image Homework

Facebook Advertising 'Get Them to Click' Content

Facebook Marketing: Content Introduction
Facebook Marketing: High-Click Content That They Will Approve

Facebook really tests your marketing skills because they do not like pain points! Lets learn the rules and what works to get people to click on our ad.

Facebook Marketing: Hooks for Coaches

The bread and butter of marketing hooks for coaches are three things 1) How to do something desirable and unusual, 2) with a quantifiable benefit, 3) in a short period of time. Lets take a look at a hook.

Facebook Marketing: Using Google Research for Hooks

Google can help us identify the things people want to do with maximum benefit in a short amount of time.

Free Facebook FanPage: Creation for Our Campaign

You have to have a fanpage for your campaign. There is no great place to stick this in the class! It is one of those 'pieces parts' that we need to touch on and I have a really cheap resource in case this slows you down.

Facebook Advertising: Content Homework

Landing Page Template: Where Your Ad Click Goes

Facebook Marketing: Landing Page Introduction
Facebook Marketing: The Landing Page Mini Store Front

A landing page sells one thing only. Let's get them to opt-in to our offer!

Facebook Marketing: Funnel Landing Page Templates Tutorial 1
Facebook Marketing: Funnel Privacy Page Template Tutorial 2
Facebook Marketing: Bonus Landing Page Wordpress Integration Tutorial 3

I added this in because this is an easy thing you can do and a cheap tool to help.

Facebook Marketing: Automated Scheduler-Your 24/7 Secretary

The Landing Page leads to a scheduled consultation call with you. This automation tool is awesome!

Facebook Marketing: Track Your Leads Now-- Advertise Again Cheaper

Facebook has a Conversion Pixel to help you track leads from day one. I will not cover re-targeting campaigns but I do want you tracking them and this goes on the landing page.

Facebook Marketing: Landing Page Homework

The $5 Facebook Test Marketing Campaign

Facebook Marketing: Test Marketing Introduction
Facebook Marketing: The Cheapest Test Marketing on Earth
Facebook Advertising: Creation Beginning to End Tutorial
Facebook Analytics: Picking a Winner

What to look for when selecting a winning interest group and campaign for your marketing investment.

Facebook Marketing: Test Marketing Homework

Webinar Creation: Automated Evergreen Webinar Machine

Webinar Creation: Introduction
Webinar: That Gets Consult Calls
Webinar: Template and Tutorial
Evergreen Webinar: Instructions
Webinar: Homework

Increasing Sales Close Potential by 25%

Increase Sales Close Introduction
3 Steps to Get More People On the Phone to Close More Sales

Facebook Marketing: Costs and ROI Revealed

Facebook Marketing: Spend and ROI Introduction
Facebook Marketing: Spend to Make $10K in 30 Days
Facebook Marketing: Analytics and Benchmarks

Industry benchmarks to help you troubleshoot your campaign.

Udemy Bonus Section

Udemy Bonus Section Introduction
8 Ways to Use Udemy as a Coach
Udemy Earnings and Revenue Reports
10 Best Benefits of Udemy and the Costs
My 8 Udemy Course Creation Tips
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