How to find and connect with B2B Leads: 2019 Hacks

In this Video, you will learn some cool Tricks and Hacks for sourcing potential prospects and leads for your business or agency using some simple lead generation tools and strategies.

Kindly find the links to the applications and Resources used in this Video below:

Linkedin Helper Chrome Extention:  CLICK HERE TO INSTALL

Email Extractor Application: CLICK HERE 

Email Verification Application: CLICK HERE

Hubspot CRM: All in One Tool for Managing all your Contacts, Marketing and Sales in one Place. ACCESS TOOLS HERE

As Digital marketing and sales experts, we are hugely responsible for the growth of the businesses and agencies we represent. our performance is most times rated on key metrics like:

  • Leads Acquired
  • Sales Generated
  • Return on investment
  • Customer retention.
  • And the profitability of the Business.

Our inability to deliver on most of these expectations has a huge impact on our influence and favor with the management team.

We created a Group on Linkedin for marketing and sales professionals, a platform where they can network and collaborate sharing their strategies, top performing tools, and challenges to help members of the community produce better results and scale the Businesses and agencies they represent.

Are you a Digital Marketing or sales professional? We invite you to be part of this community. JOIN NOW

Kindly drop us a message if you need more clarifications or need help setting up this tools. we would also like to know what tools and strategies you use for your lead generation.

Thank you…..and keep soaring.

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